Bag The Moon Saloon

 Home of the original   Strawberry Shot!

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109 W. Lakeshore Dr.    Kelleys Island, OH 43438    419-746-2365

June through August:
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Spring and Fall: Weekends

"On the night of a full moon go outside, look at the full moon, and circle your head with an open bag (luck bag) three times while saying each time "Fill it...fill it...fill it".

Meaning fill the bag with luck and good fortune..."


Upcoming Schedule of Events

August 29

22th Annual Poker Run/Dice Roll 

October 17

24th Annual Pre-Thansgiving Dinner

Bag the Moon is a family-oriented restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Daily specials, as well as ribs, steaks and perch, all at reasonable prices.

At Night, Bag the Moon is also a fun, party tavern, with "Moon Bagger" parties, live entertainment on weekends and, of course...  

                                The Original Strawberry Shot !

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